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Tietronix is developing the “Experimental Development Accelerator", or XDA, to enhance rigor of design and execution, insuring future replicability of important findings. The animal study design module guides the user through a logical design process, providing feedback and guidance on methodological issues and best practices.


Insufficient rigor in pre-clinical study design often leads to unrepeatable research findings that do not translate into reliable human clinical trial results. Factors contributing to inadequate studies include insufficient understanding of experimental design and statistics, as well as a lack of access to experimental design guidance and statistical expertise.

To address the challenges of pre-clinical study design, Tietronix is developing the “Experimental Development Accelerator”, or XDA.

Based on a system Tietronix developed for NASA to assist and govern the design of complex spaceflight software, XDA uses a process automation engine to lead the researcher through the essential decisions in formulating a research design, while informing the user at each step on methodological issues and best practices. The user is also led to develop specific plans for conducting and documenting the experiment in accordance with best practices.

Even if the user is not an expert in the subject matter, they can follow intuitive steps in a user customizable, adaptive learning environment while they master the art of pre-clinical study design.

XDA can also connect users in real-time with subject matter experts to insure they achieve a quality study design.

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